Chicken Lips

In 1999 Andrew Meecham and Dean Meredith formed Chicken Lips. The original idea was to seek underground salvation and immerse themselves in the musical styles that they grew up with and loved.

Together they also made up the seminal early nineties dance act Bizarre Inc who scored 3 top ten national hits, toured the world and worked with some of the biggest names in the biz.

2003 saw brethren Stevie Kotey join the lips, with Stevie on board to fulfill DJ and tour duties and help compile the now classic DJ Kicks for !K7.

In 2005 the final piece of the jigsaw was added in the form of long time friend and collaborator Jonny Spencer aka Jonny Tonic. Jonny provided songs & vocals for the Making Faces LP.

As well as working under the Chicken Lips moniker they also record as Big200 (DC Recordings) and Zeefungk (The more dancefloor motivated side of Chicken Lips). Also solo projects White light Circus / The Rhythm Odyssey / Goat Dance (Dean), and the hugely successful Emperor Machine (Andy), Their approach to production is quite simply unique! Andy is an avid collector and owner of some of the most sought after synthesizers known to man. His studio is more akin to a synthesizer museum rather than studio hub. Dean is also seasoned drum player and percussionist with an acute eye for detail that brings the rhythm section to life either with electronic or live kits.

Their continual striving for originality and the un-mundane has led to remix work for the likes of Madonna, Robbie Williams Mark Ronson, Wolfmother, Nigo (Bathing Ape), Playgroup, Headman, and Simian Mobile Disco (to name but a few). All remixes receiving the trademark dubbed out sound of the Lips.

Their debut album ‘Echoman’ was in many ways ahead of it's time drawing on eighties NYC influences. It sounds as current now (if not more so) than what it did back in 1999.

The second album ‘Extended play’ had an underground hit single "He Not In" which is now been quoted by many as one of the most influential dance classics of the last decade.

‘Making Faces’ was the third and last LP released in 2006 and since then the collective has been busy with solo projects, making babies and touring all over the world. But 2010 sees the reigniting of the Chicken Lips, with their new label Lipservice providing a home to vast array of talent they find and nurture. Lipservice is also a home for their own productions and the highly anticipated 4th Album.

Lipservice will also dip into their overflowing back catalogue now and then, with up and coming projects Like The ‘Best Of’ in conjunction with London’s finest Tirk records. This will feature unreleased mixes and will act as an excellent guide into world of Chicken Lips. Roll on.

Out Of City

Out Of City

What would you do if you were away from everything? A record store?, a city?, a guitar shop?... and all the rest? ...well, you can just look at the sky and surf with your mind into the universe. Its from that very idea that Out of the City has sprung. A bet between the three producers: Dino Storai (Levan Kendrix), Simone Fedi (Astral Manhole Project) and Nicola Lopetuso (Nikos Supernik).

Their music is a melting pot of genres shaken to duty and their album, released in November on Lip Service, passes from Nu-Disco to Reggae, Techno to Punk. Leaving the land for a galactic trip, their sound will transport you around the universe in search of everything will seem distant and intangible. Having already worked individually with labels like Eskimo Recordings, DC Recordings, Smash Hit Music and many others, the three Tuscan realize their first album with Lip Service 's label run by Chicken Lips.

Theyr first album "Galactica" is a concept album based on a story of three guys starting a trip into our solar system looking for the Key of Salvation. Out Of City also is present in the form of a dynamic live show and not devoid of surprises. The entire album, with the help of analog synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines, has been re-arranged and re-writed completely to create a fluid and stopless show. Everything is orchestrated by three with a unique style blending form the Indie rock fans to the ones most devoted at the Club Culture.

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