The Main Stem - Electric Church

  1. Electric Church
  2. Cafe Margarit
  3. Yes, Sacrifice!
  4. Kountry Klubb
  5. Contortion Danse
  6. Pleasure Island
  7. Bomma Jack-it
  8. Electric Fan
  9. Blues Arp
  10. Get Redeemed
  11. Missing Casket
  12. Big Bullets
  13. Stone Cold Freak
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Fresh on the heels of their last EP for Lip Service, The Main Stem deliver again with a delicious full-length that see's ten years of musical trials and tribulations amalgamated into one lean danceable form.

'Electric Church' is it's name, but before it even began to materialise, The Main Stem felt they needed a 'voice' - a gruff voice with the name James Flanagan. Although James had always been part of the scene, it wasn't until a few years later and a chance meeting with him at one of his bands gigs that a friendship was forged. Quickly he became a valued member of their dysfunctional family, and a happy one they are too! (most of the time).

'Electric Church' as an album touches on Catholic guilt, past relationships with the opposite sex as well as the dancefloor. It flows as seamlessly from rock to house as it does from new wave to disco, with smatterings of chuggy clash-esque guitars, moody pads, moodier moots and solid live b-lines which compliment the solid yet slightly off kilter beats.

In short, let The Main Stem take you to a church and show you how they worship!

DJ support comes in the name of '85 Todd Terje, Prins Thomas, Bill Brewster, Kelvin Andrews, Red Rackem, Gerd Jansen, Horse Meat Disco, Mudd and Mungolian Jetset to name but a few.