Out Of City - Galactica

  1. Whirpool Of Youth
  2. Insight
  3. Galactica
  4. The Sleep
  5. The Messenger
  6. Endless Time
  7. Broken Rules
  8. Phobos
  9. Unconditional Love
  10. A Ferry To Hell
  11. Slaves
  12. Points Of View
  13. The Prophecy
  14. The Key Of Salvation
  15. The Revelation Shell
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Lipservice are proud to welcome a new addition to our label roster. 'Out Of City' are a Tuscan based trio and are no strangers to the scene. Having already worked with labels like Eskimo and DC Recordings they make a melting pot of sounds with their fingers and thumbs!

In Dino Storai, Simone Fedi and Nicola Lopetuso we find band that seem to effortlessly combine synth music with disco, rock and punk and their forthcoming LP for 'Lipservice' is a real joy to listen to from start to finish.

But first we roll with 'Galactica' a raunchy vocoder and Moog based track that delivers a serious punch on the floor. 'OOC' are big fans of the one and only 'Emperor Machine' so Andy gave 'Galactica' the 'EM' treatment and drops a stunning remix, adding more drums, percussion and of course Moog.

Simone then takes the 'Galactica' mission into deeper unknown space quadrants with his mix, which is a psyched out smokers jam. A proper treat for your ears

2x12" Vinyl Tracklisting
A1) Whirpool Of Youth A2) Galactica B1) The Messenger B2) Endless Time B3) Broken Rules C1) Phobos C2) A Ferry To Hell D1) Slaves D2) The Prophecy D3) The Revelation Shell