Chicken Lips - Ron Silver

  1. Ron Silver (Instrumental)
  2. On The Box
  3. Ron Silver (Big 200 Version)
  4. Ron Silver (Zeefungk Dub Out)
  5. Ron Silver (Original) [Digital Only]
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The eagerly awaited return of Chicken Lips with new material is always going to be big news here at Lipservice. No formal introductions are required since Lipservice is the chosen imprint to serve the planet with regular injections of analogue malfunction.

'Experience of malfunction' will be the Lips' 4th and most raw LP to date! The release is scheduled for October 2010 so we thought it best to present the first of many tasters from this new work.

First up is the 'Ron Silver' EP. Ron Silver is a gnarly beast. Half gorgon, half machine, he has a story to tell with no happy endings and no concept of right or wrong. Tropical poly-rhythmic percussion and a relentless synth sequence aim this beauty firmly on the floor. Jonny once again adds his hedonistic vocals which takes the song in many directions. The Big 200 mix focuses on vocals and rips the backbone of the song and turns it into a totally wigged out disco jam.

We also have instrumental versions of Ron Silver and a bonus track 'On The Box' which is a trademark Chicken Lips production. A deadly selection of synthesizers come out to play with one thing in mind…to make you dance 'On The Box'.

Ron Silver Personnel:
Dean Meredith
Andrew Meecham
Jonny Tonic