12th Dec 2011

LPS014 - The Rhythm Odyssey Feat. Main Stem - Devil's Tease

Dean Meredith's The Rhythm Odyssey returns for his next single for Lipservice; this time he gets together with label mates Ben and vocalist James from The Main Stem to produce a tasty slice of classic, haunting house music with "Devils Tease."

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17th Nov 2011

LPS013 - The Main Stem - Electric Church

Fresh on the heels of their last EP for Lip Service, The Main Stem deliver again with a delicious full-length that see's ten years of musical trials and tribulations amalgamated into one lean danceable form.

'Electric Church' is it's name, but before it even began to materialise, The Main Stem felt they needed a 'voice' - a gruff voice with the name James Flanagan. Although James had always been part of the scene, it wasn't until a few years later and a chance meeting with him at one of his bands gigs that a friendship was forged. Quickly he became a valued member of their dysfunctional family, and a happy one they are too! (most of the time).

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1st Aug 2011

LPS012 - The Main Stem - Contortion Danse

The Main Stem debut with "Contortion Danse," their first single for Lipservice. It oozes new-wave swag, with 'James Flanagan's' vocals setting the scene. Clash-esque guitar chops and cowbell pings are the order-of-the-day with a hefty bass line and drum workout that keep the groove bumping.

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4th July 2011

LPS011 - The Rhythm Odyssey - Right On Up (For Love)

Dean Meredith's The Rhythm Odyssey Returns With The Second Single From His Long Player "Metaphysical Transition" with The Soulful 80'S Boogie Cut "Right On Up(For Love)". Heavy Synth Bass Rides A Dubbed Out Rhythm Section with Charmaine Baines Vocals Adding For The Perfect Summer Groove. Think Prelude/West End/ Tee Scott/Shep Pettibone With The Odyssey's own Touch Of Magic.

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6th June 2011

LPS008 - Out Of City - Galactica

In Dino Storai, Simone Fedi and Nicola Lopetuso we find a band that seem to effortlessly combine synth music with disco, rock and punk and their album is a real joy to listen to from start to finish.

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11th May 2011

LPS007 - Out Of City - Galactica

Lipservice are proud to welcome a new addition to our label roster. 'Out Of City' are a Tuscan based trio and are no strangers to the scene. Having already worked with labels like Eskimo and DC Recordings they make a melting pot of sounds with their fingers and thumbs!

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18th April 2011

LPS010 - Chicken Lips - She Fish

The Lipservice bandwagon rolls into town with yet another musical extravaganza. We've put together a rather tasty single package of one of the standout tracks from Chicken Lips's amazingly nostalgic "Experience of Malfunction" LP.

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30th April 2010


Welcome To Lipservice Records Lipservice Records is the new home of the Chicken Lips and friends recorded works. First up – just to remind you who we are – is a “best of” called “Show Your Shape” released in conjunction with Tirk records. Stick around friends.



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